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Shangrila Rendon is a pro Ultra Triathlete, best-selling author and the Guinness World Record Holder (2015) as the Fastest Female to complete 5 Ironman in 5 consecutive days, (consisting of 12 mi swim, 560 mi bike, 131 mi run).


From walking for an hour every day to and from her first job in the U.S. at age 17, and spending 15 minutes on a treadmill before work at 19 years old, having no athletic background whatsoever, Shangrila Rendon transformed herself into a world class athlete. She did not have a bike, was afraid of water and did not know how to swim until the age of 29. 


Her journey may have started slow as she was juggling being a medical device engineer full-time and completing a Master's degree at the same time. However, she was fuelled by guts and driven by pure determination to leave behind her horrible past. 


She has been thru some dark times - abuse, eating disorder, PTSD, severe depression and alcoholism. 


Coach Shangrila has been featured in Triathlete Magazine, The New York Times, Fox News, Outside Magazine, Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine, RT News and GMA 7's news.

Shangrila Rendon has: 

- Completed 8 Ironman races in 8 consecutive days in Switzerland (19.2 mi swim, 896 mi bike, 209.6 mi run, in 2016). 

- 1st and ONLY female Double vEVERESTING Finisher (59,058’ ascent) July, 2020

- Female Champion and 1st place woman (21-39) IUTA World Cup winner year 2015

- Completed Uberman race (2016)

- Raced Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme in Russia 2017

- Qualified and participated in Ultraman World Championship in Kona (2018)


Besides being an athlete, she is also an endurance and triathlon coach, who loves helping people see and achieve their true potential in sports. 


"My athletes' goals become my goals. It is rewarding for me to witness my athletes improve and reach their dream goals in sports while still maintaining a balanced life, with no injuries and in good health."

Shangrila Rendon's personal mission is to represent and stands up for the abused women and children everywhere, bringing awareness to their cause, creating inspiration and motivation in those who are too afraid to speak.


Shangrila says: “I want to give hope to other survivors with a similar past that we can all transform our lives to something amazing and that life is (or can be) beautiful. I want to show that dreams do come true even if you don’t believe it at times of unbearable struggle.”

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