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October 22nd, 2020

Inspirational Ironman Record attempt by Shangrila Rendon


October 17th, 2020

Shangrila Rendon Plans To Break Guinness World Record while raising funds for charity


December 2nd, 2020

Shangrila Rendon completes 23 Ironman-distance triathlons in 34 days and sets a New World Record


October 16th, 2020

World Record-Holding Ironman in Long Beach






Shangrila Rendon: "I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and supported the BEYOND MYSELF PROJECT.

The project wouldn't have moved forward without each person I contacted saying "yes" when I asked for help. It wouldn't have been successful without everyone believing in the project, me and our causes. It could have stopped and failed if we didn't work as a team.

Considering that my idea of Beyond Myself Project emerged only on August 7th, it really was a 4-month project. On that day, that first “yes” from Claudia Flynn, Monica Busby and Katherine Quaid exponentially grew to more YES's from about 150 volunteers.

I believed in the project 100% and knew that it was a GREAT opportunity for everyone to collectively be part of it, especially right now. So I contacted as many individuals, organizations and companies as I could. If I were asked to be a part of it myself, I would have also say “Absolutely, Why not!?”

Beyond Myself Project was a project that started as an idea out of my sincerity, love, wanting to make a difference and showing to everyone that anything is possible. I really wanted to create a way for everyone to find inspiration, positivity, grow, while at the same time doing something beyond themselves. Yes, despite of all the challenges that we are experiencing, we can still do something for others. As we moved forward, the project that started from an idea became the project of everyone in the team.

Beyond Myself Project team grew and ended up with 10 sub teams as we moved forward: Core Leaders, Non-Profit organization, Volunteers/Witnesses, Medical, Documentary Film, Guinness World Record QC, Food/Nutrition, Social Media, News/Press and Website/Printing teams. There were lots of moving parts!

Vineta and I would have not executed it successfully without others stepping up. I can’t thank enough the 3 strong, go-getters, passionate, positive and hard-working women Cheryl, Amy and Monica who voluntarily took the leadership roles. They owned the project, invested many hours and tremendously helped me and Vineta in basically everything. Not that they had lots of time on their hands; In fact, they were just as busy as everyone else with their families, work and training. I asked Cheryl who lives in Bakersfield (3hrs drive from Los Angeles), “Why are you showing so much care about the project?” She replied, “I live within my values. And this is one of them.” Amy, Cheryl and Monica believed and cared about the project, its causes, goals, my well being as well as Vineta and all volunteers. I called them the leaders of the project, the core team.

Thank you so much Katherine Quaid for helping us out with all the organization and communication with the non-profit organizations. Your experience, skills and knowledge helped us big time. You made it possible despite your very busy schedule and the fact that you are in Utah.

Thank you so much Lloyd for believing in the project and its endless possibilities. Thank you for leading the documentary film. Your team has worked tirelessly, professionally and shown dedication since the start.

Thank you so much Sara for reviewing all the race data and ensuring that we are within Guinness World Record guidelines.

Thank you Albert & Monica for all your news/press-related advising help.

Thank you so much Tom & Shannon for keeping me fed while racing and ensuring that my food was made, delivered and created per RD’s plan.

Thank you to all volunteers and witnesses who showed up at the race site. Without you showing up, there would be no race and there would be no Beyond Myself Project. Spending time with you was my joy and reason to get up and race every single day. I was dependent on you. You were a source of my energy on all those days. I do remember each of you and I will always hold those memories close to my heart. Thank you so much.

My body went through a "beating" especially during the first 10 consecutive 140.6 (full ironman) triathlons. My body was in “shock” and kept complaining. Pain in different areas. Very cold swim in the bay. I was falling asleep, especially during the bike portion. Every night after race, I asked myself "how can this body complete another 140.6 miles tomorrow?” Then, I could barely walk okay as I stepped out of the RV next day. I took naps every chance I got. When my body was so exhausted, I relied on my mindset… But then there were many times that I just had to suck it up.

During the first 4 days, I swam “blindly” at the bay when it was still pitch dark. Vineta, Tanya or Denise instructed directions through my headset, “swim right, left,..” For about an hour every morning I was swimming without really being able to see anything and just depending on voice directions. Halfway through the swim, I was shivering. I clenched my jaw, and told myself “suck it up. You can’t stop. Otherwise, you will be colder.”

On day 11, I was falling asleep while I swam! Many days that I was falling asleep during the bike, I was thinking “If only I could just take a rest.”

For 10 days, I ran with a blister on my pinky toe the size of a dime. Then another blister showed up almost at a quarter size under my big toe as well.

I was “sleep-cycling” couple nights; literally moving my legs in pedaling motion while sleeping.

There were times that I had to pedal with only 1 leg because my knee was hurting badly.

There were so many others... I'll write more with exact details in my next book

When my body was exhausted and mindset was having a hard time, I was left relying with my heart. I reminded myself a million times of my WHYs and values every moment I spent with each volunteer. I wanted to get to know each and every person. I knew that everyone was busy, some had to drive far or had to fly to be at the race site, they still showed up. Not just that, they believed in the project.

Throughout the days, many reached out and expressed how I’ve helped and inspired them in many ways - people in and outside California and even outside of United States. I can’t help not to be teary while racing. All the interactions and communications with individuals helped me keep moving forward.

The body will break down without proper care. But Beyond Myself Project had a solid and dedicated medical team. Thank you for all those who showed up and gave my in-person care, especially when I needed your help the most: Gaby Alcala, Rich Lorton, Janise Co-Alcantara, Mario Alcantara, Christopher Cleveland, Lilibeth Leviste-Garcia, Gwen Climaco, Kenneth Vigilia, Dr. Vigilia, Edmar Alberto Duenas.

Thank you Dr. Vigilia and Dr. Meng for medical advising. Thank you to Registered Dietician Jeff Rothschild for my nutrition plan. Thank you Dr. Cleveland for chiropractic help. Thank you Physical Therapists Mario, Janise and Gwen. Thank you to my sports massage therapists Gaby Alcala, Rich Lorton and Edmar. Thank you to Pharmacist Natasha Vo. Thank you to my sister and lead nurse Myra Rendon for coordinating all the nurse volunteers remotely. Thank you to all our nurses and Tinh for all the advice.

Because of you, I am well and not injured all throughout the entire duration of the project. In fact, I got stronger and stronger. I was of course tired, couldn't wait to get more sleep and rest but it was amazing to experience and see how my body got stronger with each week.

I experienced it the most during the last 9 triathlons.. sub-14hr. “Wow, I feel like i didn't race an ironman distance the day before!!!!” My comfortable pace of 11 min/mile became 9-9:30 min/mile. On strong days, I was running an average of 8:30 min/mile. I was even shocked when I was able to keep up a sub 8 min/mile pace during one of the full marathons after 15 triathlon finishes.

Feisty Fox Coach Tinh who cycled with me a couple times (first and last week) said, “I thought the ride was gonna be an easy one. It’s unbelievable. It’s like riding with a totally different cyclist.” My 112 mile ride speed went from 14-15 mph to 18-20 mph on a headwind, average speed of 16 mph to 20 mph and max speed of 20 mph to 25 mph! Our bodies are truly amazing. Even as much experience and knowledge I have as an endurance athlete and triathlon coach and the countless hours I invested in training, this wouldn’t have been possible without adequate and proper nutrition, recovery strategy, daily vitals tracking and body maintenance.

Thank you to all the companies who sponsored me and the project:

Rocket Science Sports, Infinit Nutrition, FINIS Swimming, Garmin, Runner's High. FORM, Addaday, SaltStick, Honey Stinger, Ultimate Direction, Tifosi Optics, Pierce Footwear, Thunderbird Bar, NiteRider Technical Lighting, Aspen Green, Amp Human, Beet It Sport, Compex, PlantFusion, Noxgear, Perskindol, The Fit Connection, Code 3 Athletics , KOOL 'N FIT, Running Warehouse, Pedal Movement, Buil Rite/IPME, Urban Cycling Us Bicycle Shop, Jimbo’s Bike Repair, D’Andrea Visual Communications, Long Beach Coffee & Tea, Jolt Sport, Tri-Zone, EatSleep.Fit, Venture Heat, Vision for Enrichment, Refresh, Greenvans and PT-RN CARE, INC. Physical & Rehabilitation Therapy.

Thank you to City of Long Beach

• Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine. Aquatics LB Belmont Pool

• Department of Special Events

• Department of Public Works


Thank you to my family (mom, dad, sister joy, brother Jayr, nieces Margarette and Marjorette, GJ, Veston) and of course Vineta. Vineta took care of everything I needed to be able to race every single day. She believed and supported my idea from the very start. She endured, worked hard, sacrificed a lot every single day. Your dedication to the project, care and unconditional love got us here.

Summary of successes:

1. I set a world record of most 140.6 (full Ironman) triathlons completed within 34 days among females - total of 23. This included:

- 55.2 miles swim

- 2,576 miles bike

- 603.06 miles run

Out of the 23 full Ironman-distance triathlons, 9 of them (15th - 23rd triathlons) were completed under 14 hours. Best time was 13 hours, 10 mins and 31 seconds.

I am well and injury-free!!!

2. We raised awareness and money for our 4 non-profit organizations.

3. New friendships and connections were made among Beyond Myself Project team participants.

4. Lots of valuable memories, inspirations and positive energies were passed on to many individuals who participated, followed and heard of Beyond Myself Project progress

I am very happy that I moved forward with the project, feel very blessed and thankful for all the support and love that Vineta and I have received. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH Beyond Myself Project team. WE DID IT!!!! Congratulations!!!!



What: The Official Guinness World record attempt for most 140.6 mile triathlons back to back (female). Guinness rules are being followed. 
When: October 30 - December 2, 2020
Official Guinness World Record Attempt: 
140.6 Mile Triathlon a Day for 34 Days (female) 
Fundraising to make a difference, supporting: children, women, people with PTSD. 
Where: Long Beach
Distances: 2.4-mile swim + 112-mile cycling + 26.2-mile run for 34 days.



In the middle of a global health crisis when people are dealing with unprecedented mental and financial challenges. When positivity, motivation and hope is at a low supply and depression, overwhelm and uncertainty prevail, we need people that can stand up and be examples of something extraordinary, something so positive that it inspires and starts a change reaction and increases people's willingness to act and make a difference. 


With the far-reaching consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic manifesting every day, we are experiencing a time when a large percentage of people are losing their jobs, applying for unemployment, struggling to stay motivated, when almost everything that used to be normal, rewarding and fulfilling such as eating dinner in a restaurant and celebrating a birthday or graduation with friends and family is "cancelled". 

Dedicate this project to helping individuals who are struggling with PTSD, abuse and help them transform their lives. Do this by bringing awareness, raising and donating money to non-profit organizations that are making a difference. 

All proceeds will go directly to the following:


1) Downtown Women’s Center

2) Children’s Institute

3) Paws 4 Success (PTSD focused)

4) SJVRC (for abused children in Philippines and underprivileged children in Vietnam)


Shangrila Rendon: "Others race for achievement, for me it's about fulfillment. I'm fulfilling my personal dream. Making a positive global impact. Let's re-set what's possible. Let's all take action and contribute to something that matters. This project aims to accomplish something "Beyond Myself".

The project intends to make a difference for others, inspire and motivate action. Right now when all the races are cancelled and moved to next year (2021), a lot of people are finding it difficult to keep their commitment to their health and fitness. There is also a sense of lack of power to do things, grow and improve. What people are not realizing is that feeling trapped and limited by the current situation doesn't need to derail and postpone their goals and dreams. 


If everyone continues to postpone their goals and dreams until an undetermined time in the future, they put themselves in a state that lacks joy, inspiration and sense of purpose. Sadly, many even end up falling into a state of depression and hopelessness. 


I want to do something about that. 


If people saw someone in action setting an example, taking the lead and doing something extraordinary, my hope is that it would spark something in them and they will realize they CAN make things happen even despite the current limitations. They will realize that challenging times require creative and resourceful solutions. It may even encourage them to become responsible for what happens with their goals and plans. Taking purposeful action inspires, generates excitement in our lives and causes others to want to also contribute. Together we can make a difference!"


Swim Course: 2.4 mile swim at Belmont Pool
Bike Course: 112-mile cycling course on LA River bike path
Run Course: 26.2-mile run course on Golden Shore path

Estimated Timing/Schedule of Race and Location (Real times vary)

5:00 am: Set up, preparation and warm up

5:30 am: Start
5:30 am: 7:00 am 2.4 Miles Swim (1.5 - 2hrs)

7:30 am - 2:30 pm: 112 Miles Bike (6 - 7hrs)
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm: 26.2 Miles Run (4 - 6hrs)

10 pm - 4 am: Sleep (6hrs)

Mandatory COVID-19 safety procedures for the event

These guidelines are requirements set by health organizations and our local government. We ask you to care about your and others safety and help us implement these safety procedures.

  • If you have had any COVID-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or if you have come into contact with anyone having COVID-19 symptoms or anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days DON'T come to the race area and keep everyone else safe. 

  • Face coverings are required while in proximity of other people

  • ​Hand sanitizer will be available at the main support area 

  • ​Each individual will apply hand sanitizer before touching or using any items at the support area

  • ​Keep a minimum of 6 feet apart from anyone outside of your family at all times

  • ​No close gatherings of 10 or more people are permitted in any area during the event.

  • ​Follow the strictest safety procedures when handling food, snacks or water

FOLLOW Beyond Myself Project activities:

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Professional endurance / ultra triathlete
Guinness World Record Holder (2015)
Best-selling author
Triathlon / endurance Coach


She was sexually abused for 14 years as a child and was sexually assaulted at 24. She considered herself a living dead and was hopeless. She lost trust and hated everyone, including her loved ones. She was diagnosed with extreme depression, PTSD, and struggled with eating disorder for 10 years. She was also abusing alcohol; she didn’t care about her life, health, finances, or safety. She used all of these to numb herself from the painful emotions and flashbacks that she wanted to escape from. That was her rock bottom.


She discovered triathlon and used it as a fuel to change and move forward from her past. She was a non-runner, non-cyclist, and non-swimmer at 24 yet she became an inspirational athlete regardless. She trained hard, mastered it and aimed high.


  • Guinness World Record Holder (2015) as the fastest female to complete five Ironman distance races in five consecutive days

  • ​Cycled across America (California to Georgia) July 7th - July 24th 2020

  • The 1st and ONLY female Double vEVERESTING Finisher (59,058’ ascent). June 25th, 2020

  • ​Raced Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme in Russia 2017

  • The first Filipino athlete (male or female) to finish an Ultraman race (6.2-mile swim, 261.4-mile bike, 52.4-mile run)

  • Completed eight Ironman distance races in eight consecutive days in Switzerland 2016 

  • ​Completed Uberman 2016

  • ​Qualified and participated in the Ultraman World Championship in Kona 2018

  • ​2015 IUTA World Cup Winner - 1st Female 21-39 age group and 2nd Female Overall 


To help others reach their ultimate dreams in endurance and triathlon sports, despite struggles or challenges in life, she left a successful 15-year career as a medical device engineer to became a full time result-driven coach. 


She founded Feisty Fox Coaching, that helps athletes from around the world become strong triathlon finishers. 


With the help of Feisty Fox Coaching, athletes of every level stop being in survival mode at the race and start feeling strong and having fun! They stop risking their health and putting themselves at high risk of injury during training. They stop settling for average and become their best. 


Coach Shangrila's full story of transformation and her formula to success is captured fully in the #1 Amazon best seller book - Million Dollar Story (Volume II).


Shangrila Rendon represents and stands up for the abused women and children everywhere, bringing awareness to their cause, creating inspiration and motivation in those who are too afraid to speak.


Shangrila says: “I want to give hope to other survivors with a similar past that we can all transform our lives to something amazing and that life is (or can be) beautiful. I want to show that dreams do come true even if you don’t believe it at times of unbearable struggle.”

Interview on the Hot Sauce Sports show with hosts Pez & Terry episode #94. Start is at 30:30 of the show. 

Interview on the On-Call Empath Life After Trauma episode #59: From Abuse & Addiction to Guinness World Record Triathlete | Shangrila Rendon

© 2021 Shangrila Rendon

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