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Write your story

Have you ever been in a situation when you believed that you have done everything you could and put all that you have to make things happen and suddenly you fell just a tad short? You tell yourself, “things happen for a reason” and ask “so.. when do I find out that reason?” Without having any answers, you are left to just trod the path and hope to find some signs along the way.

Have you ever felt when you haven’t even recovered from a slight bumpy road and suddenly more bumpy and unforgiving roads show up and are ahead of you? Sometimes, you’d just laugh and wonder, “when would I ever find that smooth road again?”

Have you ever felt discouraged and wanted to give up but still had to be strong and keep trekking because others depend, believe and look up to you? You pretty much give your best fight, all the energy that is still left and bury all the doubts and fears inside you.

I have… and until now, the story continues.

Despite all, I still hold on to my belief that when one door closes, there is something greater and more fitting for you. When things are falling in the right places, you are on the right track. When you made a mistake but are given another chance, this is to prepare you for a bigger purpose. Life is full of mystery.

Acceptance of what has happened, patience to what’s coming, persistence to keep moving forward and not faltering are keys to success and happiness.

Be positive, patient and persistent. Everything is gonna be okay. Life is great. It always is.

Moving on to the next chapter. The story continues and you have the power to write it.

How would you like the next chapter of your life to be? Will you have the writer’s block and let your dreams be stagnant and happiness fogged up? What’s your story?


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