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Triathlon race simulation event in Long Beach + potluck report

On a hot July day, we had an awesome triathlon + potluck picnic with Feisty Fox Coaching family! It was free for anyone to participate and athletes drove from San Francisco, Valley, Oxnard, Orange County and Chula Vista to have fun.

The course wasn't too hard except that there was headwind on the bike course and I had placed a cut off time on each part of the race. That said, athletes had to work harder in ensuring that they got to the finish line within the set time limit.

I congratulate those who finished! They all received finishers' medals. While the 1st female and male for both Long Course and Short course (Tinh, Daniele, Robert and Bianca) received a little encouragement prize from me :).

We had a total of 55 attendees (40 athletes, volunteers and athletes' family)

Here is a short video of the event

Short Course athletes:

Long Course athletes:

Three athletes finished their first triathlon - Jeff Enriquez, Bianca Pourmussa, Mauricio Cuevas. Tessa completed her first OWS in race-simulated environment.

My intention in organizing this event was to help Feisty Fox athletes and friends in their upcoming races. I REALLY wanted them to do well. To me, having a race-simulated group workout with other triathlete friends and new friends was a solution. So I just went ahead and volunteered my time to do what I do best ;) - that is organizing fun, friendly and purposeful group workouts.

More volunteers would have been better but we had hard working and knowledgeable volunteers instead. We only had 9 volunteers (unfortunately) but we managed to execute a well-organized event with 55 attendees (40 athletes + volunteers and athletes' families).

Also, more days to organize and plan could have been better but quantity of days was really not directly proportional to how the outcome of the event would be. Rather, it was more about the rate and intensity of focus, attention and effort put into a project within a short amount of time. In other words, it was more about the QUALITY of the execution rather than the QUANTITY of days that take one to execute the work.

My main priority was to execute a safe and well-organized event. Believe it or not, within 5 days of planning and organizing, we had an athlete packet, pictures and markers along the course, 2 mandatory video orientation group calls for athletes, mandatory orientation group call for volunteers, proper delegation and communication of tasks to volunteers and of course volunteers who truly care for the attendees made the event successful. That said, I'd like to say THANK YOU AGAIN TO OUR 9 volunteers - Feisty Fox Coaches Michael Meng, Shelby Weber, Al Cruz, Desirae, Ashley Vineta G. Rendon, Geena Her Nan, Tracey Martinez,

It was a pleasure meeting the families of all the athletes :).


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