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The cost of Fear. What are you willing to pay?

What fears are you trying to overcome these days?

There was a time in my life when I was afraid ...

...Of swimming. It took me months before I could be comfortable swimming in the deep side of the pool. Seeing the line at the bottom of the pool was too far from me, made me anxious. I couldn't even put my face in the water then.

...The mass swim starts. I saw the athletes who were swimming super fast, like sharks. It felt like they were ready to attack. I would just stop and let everyone pass by.

...Of lifting heavy weights. I was afraid of injuring myself. What if I can't walk the next day? What then?

...Letting go of my addiction to alcohol and food. I used alcohol and food to protect my emotions. I didn’t want to feel anything. They were my go-to solutions. I didn't want to cry.

...Being judged by others. It was difficult for me to express myself and therefore I was always quiet all throughout my high school and when I was living in the Philippines.

...Investing in myself and having a coach help me. I'm smart and independent. Why couldn't I just figure things out on my own. Do it myself for free. Right?

BUT then, the COST of NOT doing something because I'm afraid of it was BIG.

COST to me was: lack of happiness, self-expression and not seeing my full potential.

I didn't want that.

Now, that I think about it...

If I didn't overcome my fear of swimming in the past, would I have been able to help so many athletes, not to just learn how to swim, but actually be faster? No

Would I have been able to inspire others, who were just like me back when I was afraid? No

Would I have been able to cut the learning process by many years and achieve my goals, if I didn’t invest in coaching? No

If I opted for free education / budget-friendly coaching, knowing that I want the best for myself, I know that I wouldn’t be happy. I would end up frustrated because I’d receive crappy coaching.

In fact, choosing free or low-cost would have ended up being more expensive for me, because I would have wasted time, paid the wrong person and I allowed myself to be mediocre.

Would I have been able to show athletes with large challenges (those trying to overcome injury, medical problems, addiction, depression, PTSD…) what is possible? No

Would I feel excited to wake every single day, If I didn't do what I believe could benefit me and many? No

How about you?

What are your fears?

Have you thought of what they are costing you? And what could be possible for you once you pass through them?


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