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PATIENCE  –  This 8 letter word is something that I find hard to find in me. I have such a high expectation of myself that I want to see things happening right now. I want to do everything right now. No wonder my Dad had told me that I’m “jack of all trades.” Oh well, to me, life is short. But really, I DO NEED to be patient and just STAY COOL because I cannot control everything. I cannot control the weather; sucks that it’s gonna rain again this Sunday. I cannot control work expectation and therefore cannot take a day off so I can train. I cannot control how fast the time is moving. I remember just finishing the 5 ironman races in 5 days in Mexico and making a world record exactly 3 months ago … and here you go, I am up for another challenge, Ultraman Florida (6.2 mi swim, 261.4 mi bike, 52.4 mi run) in exactly 21 DAYS from today. I cannot control myself coughing and sniffling during the month of January. So many things that I cannot control… and it SUCKS.  Not that I’m a control freak…. But it sucks because as much as I do my best, things just cannot be as perfect as how I wish they would be.

So to feel better, I have to be at peace with myself and give myself a pat on the back today.  I have to write this as a way for me to let things out and talk to my inner self, “It’s okay Shangrila. It’s not the end of the world. You just do your best and relax. Everything will be okay as it has always been. What you can do right now is to do things that you can control.  Be happy with what you have achieved so far. Why don’t you go back to your doodled notes of last month’s achieved goals? Haven’t you achieved far enough??? After all the busy hard work during holidays, now you have a website (  You just need to work hard.  Nothing comes easy.  You may be stuck at things that are new to you but they will pass.  Patience my love. Life is short. Be happy.”


That is all I can do for now.  I need to have a moment with myself and dig in within what really is happening.  Okay, I’ll let go. I’ll be happy. I’m glad that I let things out. I needed my perspective straightened out.  PATIENCE it is. Happy Me

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