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2017 Adobo Velo Duathlon & Triathlon Event

At 3:30 am, my alarm went off.

First thing came up to my head, “this is it. Adobo Velo duathlon / Triathlon” No snoozing of alarm. I got up and prepared the necessary paper work e.g. waiver, athlete master list, volunteer contact info, etc.

At 4 am I was running back and forth from home to car as I carried all the necessities for the race - goodie bags from Infinit Nutrition, Clif bars from, KOOL 'N FIT, Pierce Footwear, Kangen water from Ed Sampilo, folding table, etc.

I was about to leave when Vineta handed me the medals and said, “don’t forget this.” “Shoot, how could i forget the finishers’ medals?!" This time I was not participating as the athlete. Instead, I was the event director.

My goal from day 1 was to have a big turn out for this event. In an effort to make this happen I started months ago from the time I proposed conducting swim sessions where I was volunteered my time as a swim coach up to personally handing the finishers’ medals to Adobo Velo members who completed the distance.

I wanted a big turn out of members at the event, so I stood up and fought for my idea to help members in their swim despite that I didn’t get 100% support from the board of directors. In fact, I almost did not have finishers’ medals because the funds were limited. To help with the expenses on the event, I reached out to prospective sponsors and asked members for donations in products or money. I appreciate Pres Ruffy Martin in helping out with this event. It would have not possible without his generous assistance.

I also had challenges in acquiring volunteers. I actually had to revise and streamline the courses many times just so I can maximize the limited # of volunteers. But then who cares if we were limited in number of volunteers if I had the best volunteers. ALL the volunteers in our event were leaders themselves.

I also did my best to be creative in putting together the courses. I wanted something doable but challenging. I also wanted members to have different options on courses so as they were likely to participate.

Besides aiming for a big turn out, I also prioritized the safety of athletes. I created an athlete packet, tested the course, took pictures/videos and shared them, conducted video conference calls to explain the courses, answered questions of athletes and did my best to manage and inform volunteers so they can help me in ensuring safety and implementing the rules. I also got the insurance and collected money just right on time to bind the package.

I also wanted to be very organized and have teams focused on necessary tasks. I assigned officials/leaders and had the following teams: 1) Transportation/Drivers Team 2) Swim/Transition/Check In Team 3) Bike Team 4) Run Team 5) Food Team

6) Photographers Team 7) First Aid & Medical Team

Last but not the least, I wanted my drive and passion to make the event happen be contagious. I talked about the event, created videos, personally messaged people to participate and/or volunteer and put together pre-event triathlon/duathlon clinics. It took a lot of my time but it was all worth it. I became more connected with athletes and volunteers even before the start of the event. It was a success.

Last September 30th, I felt like I was the conductor of an orchestra. All volunteers were confident in executing their assigned tasks. They were ready to make the event happen. Similarly, all athletes were very excited and just couldn’t wait to start. Yesterday, marked the highest turn out of athletes compared to previous years. There were at least 50 members who registered as athletes. I aimed for 100% turn out but got 96% (2 didn’t show up due to work). 37% of the athletes also completed their first duathlon or triathlon event. There were zero accidents. We started on time, 100% of athletes finished the swim and we had enough food for everyone. Everyone had a great time. I am very happy and proud of how well everybody did.

I want to say thank you so much to Vineta G. Rendon for understanding my busy schedule leading to this event, for volunteers who put their time and sponsors who helped carry some of the expenses. I could have not done this without your support.

Thank you Sponsors: Threep Trishack, PIerce Footwear George Pierce, Kool 'n Fit Renate Von Der Beeck, Ed Sampilo for Kangen water.


Aim for excellence and exceed expectations. Give and give more… Give value. Give something special that one would not forget. Don't judge a person through its visible insecurities, doubts and fears Instead, believe that there is greatness in each one. Show toughness but with unbeatable passion and drive. Set rules but rules for others' own sake and not rooted from power. Give love and you shall receive love back.


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